Money does make you happier

Let's face it, life’s a lot easier when you have money in your pocket! It can also improve the lives of your family and community — for generations to come. There’s nothing wrong with wanting more of it.

What would you do with extra cash? Some go on a trip, others will invest it. That opportunity lies in your tax return and as long as your tax return is accurate & error free, you will avoid being audited. However, if you want to reduce your taxes (a.k.a, get your cash faster), your tax professional needs a specialist because, unfortunately, their skills are too high-level for your financials. Sahan Consulting is the specialist to dig deep. 

The government designs ways for the public to contribute to the economy faster with tax incentives, one being cost segregation.

What % of your assets lasts for 39 years?

Ask yourself: How many years do you keep things like furniture, easements, inventory, and fixtures?

Let's discuss how to get your thousands of $$ back by taking advantage of this decades-old tax strategy!

The Internal Revenue Service values certain items like the wiring for appliances more than that of your lighting fixtures or the flooring on the top floor more than on the ground floor.

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It's your money, keep more of it. I'm Surit Patel, Partner at Sahan Consulting. My career began streamlining finances for big corporations. But I craved a bigger impact, one that fueled entrepreneurial dreams.

That's where Sahan Consulting comes in. We equip small businesses and property owners with financial strategies to supercharge their cash flow, giving them the muscle to compete with giants. Our secret weapon? Unleashing tens of thousands through depreciation and cost segregation. IRS Publication 5653 is your proof!

Think of us as the surgeons for accounting. We don't just patch problems; we transform the entire financial ecosystem: optimizing assets, operations, and experiences for maximum impact.

Ready to challenge the status quo? Let me be your financial scalpel. Together, we'll carve a path to market dominance, one efficient dollar at a time.
"My study got my company around $300,000 in cash. This money will be used to help renovate our office buildings.” ~ Zach C.
"Surit stumbled into me at my buildings after meeting my tenants and initiated a proposal that net $450k over the next 5 years to reinvest in another deal." ~ Rob C.
"We used Sahan Consulting for a previous engagement so, we asked about more services and found the engineer-based method digs deep to find money that we did not even know that we had! Very thorough process! 10 of 10 stars." ~ Raju V.

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Some Places Where Your Cash Is Hidden...

Parking Lot & Sidewalks

Advantages of a Cost Segregation

Hone Portfolios
Enhance Renovations
Maximize Deductions
Frontload Income
Boost Acquisitions
Monetize Faster
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Dental Office
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Dental Office
Office Building
Apartment Complex

Typical assets found within a hotel room, their effective lives, and useful cash in the first full financial year.